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Cantel is a global company dedicated to delivering innovative infection prevention products and services for patients, caregivers, and other healthcare providers, which improve outcomes and help save lives. Through an expansive portfolio of medical, life sciences, and dental products, Cantel provides high-quality infection prevention solutions and unsurpassed service, touching millions of patients year around the world each year.


Last year we worked hard together with the team at LABEL4visuals. What started as a ‘crazy’ idea, quickly turned into an amazing VR/AR project. No single question or challenge was to much, and even with a difficult deadline we were able to get the job done in time. The launch of our ‘Virtual Reality Experience’ during the European congress was a huge success, with a waiting line as a result!!!! Dear LABEL4visuals team: thanks again for everything and we look forward to future projects!

‘TEAMwork makes the DREAMwork’

Britt Bellen (Marketing Manager Cantel)

Virtual Reality Experience

Cantel Medical was looking for something impressive for the congress in Vienna. Besides that is had to be impressive, it had to have value and deliver something. That’s why we developed a VR Training for Cantel Medical.

The training consisted of different ‘excercises’ from ‘The complete Circle of Protection’. This is for infection prevention during the cleaning of endoscopes. Because there is a big infection hazard during this process, it is important that the process is executed the right way. Training the employees with the VR Experience is a lot easier and safer, because you don’t run the risk of infection and you don’t have to invest in expensive equipment and materials to follow the training.

During the congress LABEL4visuals were allowed to assist and facilitate Cantel Medical with the VR Experience. Cantel Medical was one of the few exhibitors with a VR Experience, this got a lot of attention from potential customers.

AR Application

Besides developing a VR Experience, LABEL4visuals also developed an AR Application of one of Cantel Medicals products: Advantage Plus Pass-Through (ADVPT). With this application you can place multiple products (ADVPT) next to each other and activate them (to start the cleaning process).

3D as a base

3D is the base of all objects in AR and VR. With this data you can also create beautiful realistic product visuals. Because this is in a virtual photo studio (and you don’t need an actual studio, camera and lighting) you can create consistent visuals whenever you want. These (product) visuals are ideal to use for your marketing activities!


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