Geerts Van Oijen

Geerts van Oijen Makelaardij

Geerts van Oijen realises your personal living needs. They know their market, give every buyer and seller personal guidance and offer fantastic service. Because of this, Geerts van Oijen Realtors has a 9.2 rating by their customers.

Geert Geerts and Chris van Oijen were looking for a company that could translate the power of their company through a corporate film. The goal of the film was to convince future buyers and sellers of their value. That’s how Geerts van Oijen landed at LABEL4visuals.

Geert Geerts about LABEL4visuals

“As realtors, we want to differentiate ourselves and clearly show our customers in 1 minute what we can do for them. Through a friend I got in contact with LABEL4visuals, who perfectly translated my thoughts into an introduction video for our office. The gentlemen at LABEL4visuals are creative and make sure that the message is clearly delivered in 1 minute. The end result is amazing, and we receive lots of compliments about the result”

Geert Geerts (co-owner Geerts van Oijen realtors’ appraisers)

The Corporate Film

The film for Geerts van Oijen Makelaardij

is fully developed in 3D

The logo of Geerts van Oijen Realtors forms the starting point of the corporate film. The four houses transform into a small neighbourhood which focuses to one special house. That is the house that’s for sale by Geerts van Oijen. Because of the success formula of Geerts van Oijen your house will be sold in no-time.



In the corporate film, the four houses represent their Unique Selling Points (USP’s) these four USP’s are clearly being explained through visuals and sound.

These USP’s are:

  • Professional presentation of your house (photography, maps, heightmaps)
  • Home viewings (with the help of 360 images)
  • Huge range
  • Complete guidance


Besides that, the film gets extra reinforcement trough great sound and excellent story telling.

What do you think of the corporate film?

We are very curious about your opinion of the film! What do you think is good, and what would you’ve done differently? Let us know!

Do you want a corporate film?

Do you like to work with realistic images? Or do you rather explain your business operations in a schematic or abstract way. With 3D anything is possible! you decide what you want to say. We love to think together to give your story a boost.

If you have any questions, please contact us!

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