It is APP TIME! Let the confetti pop because with the MAGIC FX app you literally build a party!

For MAGIC FX we developed an augmented reality app that perfectly shows what their products are capable of. The MAGIC FX app lets you experience the coolest special effects, from confetti to fire, and the coolest coloured bubbles with the MAGIC FX Smokebubble Blaster. Place the products wherever you want, make crazy combinations and press FIRE!

MAGIC FX about the APP




that is what we do at MAGIC FX. Not only for our products and effects. We love doing things differently and strive for the ‘WOW’-effect. So, when we want an app, the expectations are high, and it has to be spectacular. LABEL4visuals knows through years of cooperation exactly what we want. We experimented with various new technologies, looking for that one mind-blowing application

last year everything fell into its place. We are going to create an AR app! For us the most ideal solution, because we aren’t always able to demonstrate our products. Because of this app we can always show our customers our products and effects. Our customers are also very happy with this app, because the can quickly convince their contractor to use specific products on location.

Everyone who opens the app for the first time always has the same reaction: WOWW!!

Magic is something we make!


Written by Jean-Pierre (Marketing Manager at MAGIC FX)

Ready to build a party with the MAGIC FX app?

Transform your location into a festival in no-time using this guide.

1. Go to the App Store or Play Store and download the app: MAGIC FX app.

Get it on Google PlayDownload on the App Store




2. give permission to use your camera. This is crucial for the AR function.

3. Scan the floor!

Tip! Not able to scan the floor because its to reflective? Put an object (for example a pen) on the floor, as a reference for your device.

MagicFX App view scan

4. “Are you ready to play?

Lets get this party started! The MAGIC FX app guides you through the app with a tutorial. You choose a product from the catalogue. Next you can fire the special effects by pressing the FIRE button. Place as many different products as you want and fire everything at the same time.

Flamaniac MagicFX

No AR Device?

Even devices without AR can download the app. Unfortunately the AR function wont work, but you are still able to view the products in the catalogue and watch the product videos.


What are your experiences?

We are very curious about your experiences with the MAGIC FX app! Do you know any fun features or points of improvement for the MAGIC FX app? Please let us know in the comments!


We would also think it would be awesome if you share your special effects combinations with us!

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